Understanding Conditional Offer Letter

Understand Conditional Offer Letter

Global Education | February 04, 2020

It is the time of the year when admission offer letters have started pouring in for all those students who have applied to foreign universities for their higher studies. Generally the letter would state whether they are accepted (conditionally/unconditionally) , rejected or deferred.
When you receive an Unconditional offer letter, it simply means you have fulfilled all the academic requirement of the university and you are often required to pay confirmation fee to confirm your seat. Whereas when you get an offer letter stating you have been Accepted but have been offered Conditional admission, it mean you have to yet fulfill certain requirements before you get started. A conditional admission can also be termed as conditional acceptance or provisional admission, they all mean the same.
There are different reasons for getting conditionally accepted, depending on which university or country you have applied to. Normally when one is offered a conditional offer letter, either the university is awaiting your final results or result of your entrance test, which normally is English proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL). At times the academic requirement is restricted to obtaining certain overall percentage in your final result, and at times along with the minimum required overall percentage you also have to fulfill subject specific marks requirement depending on the program you have applied to. A conditional offer may or may not require you to pay any fee to the university in the earlier stages. Once you have accepted the conditional offer and you are successful in meeting the academic requirements, your admission offer will convert to an unconditional one.
All the aspiring students who have received a conditional offer letter, stay focused and work hard on achieving your dreams !

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